Surface, Deep & Dark Web Proactive Monitoring

Multi-layered monitoring driven by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, AI Computer Vision and front-line human expertise.

dēop provides Intelligence & Real-Time Threat Monitoring, allowing organisations to better protect their network, brand & assets. As part of an overall security strategy, dēop is an essential tool!

Daily, dēop scrutinizes hundreds of thousands of online posts using sophisticated analysis models. This meticulous process is key to pinpointing data breaches, pertinent attack discussions, sensitive information, and malevolent activities targeting executives, brands, customers, and suppliers.

Avoid the pitfalls of inaction, such as litigation, brand reputation damage, regulatory fines, and audit expenses.

Among other capabilities, dēop specializes in Object and Pattern Recognition, allowing it to pinpoint specific elements in images, such as logos, products, or individuals, with remarkable accuracy. Furthermore, its Contextual Analysis capability goes beyond mere recognition; it grasps the context surrounding these elements. This enables dēop to discern how an object or brand is depicted, whether the portrayal is positive, negative, or neutral. Additionally, its proficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables the analysis of various texts, offering a holistic understanding of the content.

Boasting over 15 years of data collection and leveraging machine learning, dēop has developed highly efficient models. These models continuously learn new patterns and adapt to evolving scenarios, allowing for precise risk prediction.

By integrating these advanced features into its monitoring platform, dēop establishes itself as the premier choice for real-time Proactive Monitoring.

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